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The Women and Gender Studies Concentrators of the class of 2000 designed this site to help other women prepare for their post-Kenyon journeys. In our frantic class discussions about career options, we realized that, despite the diversity of our career interests, we shared a similar fear and ignorance about job searching. We created this resource as an answer to our own difficulties, hoping to lessen the anxieties of future job hunters. The Kenyon Women's Job Network condenses and clarifies the career search by presenting information specifically relevant to Kenyon women in a single, accessible medium. We envision a forum in which Kenyon women--students and alumnae--might openly network in order to share knowledge, encouragement, and connections. A special feature of this site, available only to those on the Kenyon campus, is the Kenyon Women's Job Network, a listing of Kenyon graduates willing to serve as contacts for women on campus. Good luck as you explore the adventures waiting for you after you leave Gambier!

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This site was constructed by the class of 2000 Women's and Gender Studies Senior Seminar in fulfillment of the requirements for that course. To read more about us, click here.

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